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Assessment and Development Centers

Assessment Centers (AC) are centers set up by an organization for periodic or continuous assessment of the competencies required to perform current, future likely or higher level jobs / roles / tasks. They are increasingly used to identify high fliers or fast trackers and develop leaders/competencies for the future.

One of the ways in which AC has been extended while keeping its essential methodology is in using assessments as a stimulus for all kinds of development of the participants. This extension is available even if the primary aim is selection/promotion. The collection of reliable information on strengths and weaknesses is a valuable opportunity which can, with the small extra effort needed, be turned into material to stimulate development. This has become more important in current conditions where opportunities for promotion are less numerous and many people who perform their jobs well needed to be encouraged to see the future in terms of development without obvious promotion.

There has been a trend towards using the term "Development Centre", in place of "Assessment Centre". Often the change of emphasis has not actually been very great, but there has been a gain in reduced anxiety-participants find the term "development" more friendly and less threatening than "assessment". If the aim is genuinely directed towards the development of all participants then the Development Centre title is justified and honest. If, however, there are mixed aims, and some sponsoring managers are using the activity to select people (positively and/or negatively), the title will be seen as the sham it actually is, and the motivation to see it as an open opportunity for development will suffer.

Assessment Centers use trained assessors normally chosen from within the corporation. They are trained through intensive "Assessor Training Programs". They need to have mastered "observation", "recording", "classifying" and "measurement" skills.

Dr. T. V. Rao, (Chairman TVRLS) introduced the first known Assessment Center in India at Parishram in Gujarat, for selecting in-house project leaders. In the earlier days, he worked with David McClelland who initiated the Competence movement in the US and founded McBer and Company.

TVRLS has implemented about 176 Assessment Development centers across organization covering more than 2100 employees across all the levels. TVRLS has worked with following reputed organizations to implement Assessment Development Centers in the organization.

TVRLS has enabled many organizations institutionalize ADCs in-house by developing an internal pool of assessors for the organization through Assessor Training workshops. TVRLS has conducted 17 Assessors Training workshops.
TVRLS Expertise
Identifying competencies required for managers at all levels
Designing scientific instruments for assessment
Designing complete ADC
Developing internal assessor capabilities
Counseling and facilitating development action plans
Psychometric tests (developed in house)