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HRD Audit and Scorecard

There is wide recognition that the human resource (HR) function can be a key factor in business success and in improved organisational performance. Yet, in many organisations, the HR function has either not performed up to expectations or has been unaware of its required role. Hence, a through evaluation of the HR function is imperative both to rejuvenate it and to make it more business-driven. HRD audit makes such an evaluation possible by examining the adequacy and appropriateness of the existing HRD systems, structures, styles, culture and competencies. this path-breaking book provides a balanced and comprehensive exposition of the concept of HRD audit and the tools and techniques required for its implementation.

TVRLS provides both the framework and a detailed methodology of HRD audit so as to enable corporations to conduct an internal audit of their HR functions themselves. A unique feature of the HRD methodology is the HRD Score Card' which has been developed and tested by Dr.Rao. This Score Card' can be used to assess and benchmark the maturity level of the HRD function in organisations and make it more business-driven. It assigns a four-letter rating to grade four critical dimensions of HRD which contribute vitally to organisational performance; HRD systems maturity, HRD competencies, HRD culture and values, and HRD linkages to business goals.

Written in a readable and accessible style, a practice-based book on HRD audit written by Dr. T. V. Rao includes several cases, examples, illustrations, detailed questionnaires and checklists. The book will be indispensable to CEOs, HRD managers, consultants and line managers and will also be a useful reference for students of management and human resource development.
TVRLS Expertise
Well researched and tested HRD Scorecard
Use of specialized instruments and methods
Providing detailed action plan to improve performance through HR processes
Developing internal assessor capabilities
Counseling and facilitating development action plans
Psychometric tests (developed in house)