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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is recognized as a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through the development of individual, interpersonal and team competencies.

Organizations use psychological tests as part of the selection process-recruitment, redundancy, promotion, and for developmental purposes-career guidance and counseling, personal or team development, succession planning. To understand better the factors that tend to predict best performers, testing can be used to identify common qualities amongst successful employees in a job category, so that those qualities can be looked at and trained for.

The psychometric tests are classified in to the following areas:
Ability tests
Personality Inventories
Interest Inventories
Tests of Motivation and Attitude
Projective Techniques (TAT)
Organisation Climate Survey, Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey etc
TVRLS have developed a range of psychometric tests that can be used for recruitment, placement, retention, training and development. These tests have been designed after the research of many years.

These psychometric tests are available for all sectors of the industry, and for Senior and Top Level managers, Middle Management, Young Managers, School Principals, NGOs, Teachers, Sales Executives etc