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Talent Engagement and Climate Surveys

Talent is among the few differentiating factors for any organization, which is why retention and engagement of talent is one the top priorities of the management of any organization. HR Practitioners believe that engagement has a lot to do with how employees feel about their work experience and how he/she is treated in the company. An organization’s capacity to engage talent is closely related to its ability to achieve high performance levels and superior business results.

TVRLS has expertise to facilitate Talent Engagement through Leadership, Performance Management and Career development.

Time and again it is important for a company to know the pulse of employees in the organization. What do they like/dislike about the company, what are the areas where the company can improve to enhance the engagement of employees. This feedback is best when it is received from the employees itself.

A climate survey describes a particular type of questionnaire that gives information about the views of staff members within an organization, about how they see the workplace. Climate Surveys measure the internal climate, or general feel of how people view their work, and the workplace.

The types of issues covered in a climate survey may include (amongst others):

Physical work environment
Enjoyment of work
Rewards and recognition
Management practices
Leadership, including vision
Understanding of the business
Opportunities to develop
Promotional possibilities, career progression
Customer focus of the business
Performance review and appraisal

TVRLS has expertise in designing, implementing and analyzing the surveys. We customize the questionnaire to meet client expectations and slice the analysis the way clients want to see the information.