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360 Degree Feedback and Leadership Development

360 Degree Feedback is a Multi- Rater Feedback System. Almost every Fortune 500 Company is using this in some form or the other. In this system the candidate is assessed by a number of assessors including his boss, direct reports (subordinates), colleagues, internal customers and some times external customers. The assessment is made on a questionnaire specially designed to measure leadership styles, managerial qualities, impact and other behaviors considered critical for performance. Such feedback from multiple sources provides a credible picture and can be used for various purposes like:
Providing insights into the strengths and developmental areas of the candidate in terms of the effective performance of roles, activities, styles, traits, qualities, competencies (knowledge, attitudes and skills), impact on others etc.
Enhancing role clarity and establishing increased accountabilities.
Identification of developmental needs and preparing development plans more objectively in relation to the current or future roles and performance improvements for an individual or a group of individuals.
Leadership Development.
Generating data for various personnel decisions (provided it is decided initially that the feedback is not meant only for the person but also to be shared completely with the organization).
Culture building and reinforcing other change management efforts and organization effectiveness directed interventions. This may include: TQM efforts, Customer focus or internal customer satisfaction enhancing interventions, Flat structures, Quality enhancing and cost reducing interventions, process changes etc.
Aligning individual and group goals with organizational vision, values and goals.
Planning internal customer satisfaction improvement measures.
TVRLS Expertise
Facilitating organizations institutionalize 360 Degree Feedback
Multi-rater tool designed by TVRLS is devised on the research based RSDQ model of leadership
Designing and developing customized instrument to cater to customer requirements
Feedback and Individual counseling to arrive at Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Training internal facilitators for coaching and mentoring