Psychometric testing is recognized as a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through the development of individual, interpersonal and team competencies. Psychometric tests can be used effectively for facilitating the development, placement, and retention of individuals, who belong to various sectors of the industry.

They can be used for Senior and Top Level managers, Middle Management, Young Managers, School Principals, NGOs, Teachers, Sales Executives, etc.

The psychometric tests are classified into the following:

  • Ability tests
  • Personality Inventories
  • Interest Inventories
  • Tests of Motivation and Attitude
  • Projective Techniques (TAT)
  • Organisation Climate Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey etc
TVRLS has developed many psychometric tests anchored in research. Each of these tests has Manuals developed internally by TVRLS. Some of the Instruments Developed by TVRLS include:
Personal Effectiveness Scale
  • An 80 item questionnaire having items pertaining to 4 personal effectiveness dimensions (Exploratory orientation, Self-disclosure, openness to feedback and Sensitivity, etc.). /li>
  • It indicates the extent to which an individual is inclined on various parameters of personal effectiveness. /li>
  • It helps an individual to know more about him/herself and to build upon the weak areas./li>
Motivational Profile Scale
  • A simple scale with 35 items
  • Indicates the relative intensity of seven motives such as achievement, affiliation, control, dependency, etc.
  • It gives an indication of the more preferred motive and the less preferred motive in an individual.
My Beliefs Questionnaire (Interpersonal Trust)
  • A 70 item questionnaire
  • It assesses the degree of trust and well as the tendency of an individual to be trustworthy.
  • It gives an indication of one's attitude to a variety of situations as well as towards other people
  • The score is a measure of how strong an individual is on interpersonal trust and trustworthiness.
Work values Scale
  • A 72 item questionnaire, it revolves around items related to work
  • It indicates the importance given to nine work values and the relative importance of expected work outcomes for an individual
Internal External Locus of Control
  • This 54 item scale assesses the extent to which an individual’s thoughts, opinions, beliefs are external oriented or internal oriented.
  • It also shares the degree of internality and externality
Leadership Style Inventory
  • This 18 item inventory is based on a forced distribution scale.
  • 10 work-related situations are shared and the individual has to allocate 6 points between each of the three possible outcomes for each situation.
  • An additional 8 items in the inventory revolve around the likely impact of the individual’s leadership style

TVRLS Expertise Lies In:

  • Administering and facilitating psychometric instruments like MBTI, BIRO-P, TAT, etc.
  • Designing aptitude and knowledge tests
  • Conducting debriefing workshops to help participants interpret their scores on various TVRLS psychometric tests